Outside Plant Fiber Design

High Level Design Engineeing

  • Preliminary Route Development

  • HLD, Detail Design. RoW, CRO,

  • Audits/Drawings and initial Pole Audits

  • Survey-grade GPS data collection

  • Full running line project surveys – linked to Lime3 (arcGIS) and or Google Earth

  • Fiber Nodes and Attribute Placement

  • FTTx (Premises, Home, Building, Site, Tower, Small Cell, FWA) and Easement Acquisition

  • Permitting and Make Ready Design

  • Full OSP Mapping of Existing Plant


Outside Plant Fiber Design

Make Ready Pole Engineering​
  • Preliminary Aerial Route Development

  • Survey-grade GPS data collection

  • Utility Locating and Designating

  • OCalc and SpidaCalc engineering

  • Pole permits and MRE/C consulting

Outside Plant Fiber Design

Low Level Design Engineering


Automated  Project Controls and Design Tools 

  • All Engineering and Management services controlled with Lime3

  • http://www.lime3.eu/home-2/

  • Autodesk®; Civil 3D®; ArcGIS®; Map 3D®; Google Earth®

  • Leica VIVA GS14®; Leica CS15® GPS

  • O-Calc Pro®; PLS-CADD®; TNX- Pole®

  • Experience working with multiple locating and designating technologies to meet ASCE Standard 38-02 quality levels A, B, C, D

  • Pathloss®; iBwave®

Staff Augmentation

Skilled Resources on Demand​
  • All OSPE and PM/CM and Integration  positions provided on Flat rates or hourly.

  • Short term and long term project placements

  • Hybrid Consulting services also available for RFP and RFI proposal responses.

Converged Access Broadband Network Solutions

  • In house competence to support 

  • NGPON2

  • PD, CD, TCD

  • Utility Locating and Designating

  • As-Built

  • Fiber Node, Attribute and Field Asset Placement

  • FTTx Drop Design (Premises, Home, Building, Site, Tower, DAS, Small Cell, FWA) and Easement Acquisition

  • Permitting and Make Ready Design

  • All Print and Document Management in the Cloud.

  • All Network Design provided globally on protected SaaS platform.

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